Kleenex paper products, plastic bags & gloves, cleaners supplies.

IDL started its history as Industrial Disinfectant Laboratories Pty.Ltd, in Guildford NSW in 1958.
The company initially specialised in the manufacture and marketing of various types of disinfectants, and as the business grew other products were added to the range.
These products included industrial hand cleaners, bar soap and pyrethrum based fly spray.

The company was taken over by the present owners in 1980 and the focus of the company changed to the extent that the name was changed to IDL CHEMICALS to better reflect the development aims of the new owners.

IDL CHEMICALS is a technically driven wholly owned Australian Company. IDL manufactures and markets specialty cleaning products including a complete and extensive range of Institutional and Commercial Cleaning and Laundry products suitable for automatic dosing.

IDL is ISO 9002 accredited for the manufacture and distribution of specialty cleaning chemicals and for the serviceing of laundries and laundry wash processes. 

IDL is a leading supplier of cleaning and laundry chemicals and places major importance on the environmental safety of its products and compliance with Regulatory bodies concerning labelling, provision of MSDS’s, Occupational Health and Safety, Storage and Transport.  

IDL provides a high level of technical assistance, “know how” and service to its customers and is committed to meeting their expectations and helping them achieve their goals. As well as the issues of costs, rewash and control of linen damage, the service involves the running of training courses in Chemical Safety and cleaning and laundry techniques.

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